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Американская стоматологическая клиника в Москве | US Dental Care
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Sensitivity of teeth Hypersensibility зубов  & nbsp; it is connected with pain which extends to one or several teeth. Pain occurs usually when eating hot or cold food, drinks, sweets... Читать далее →
Dental problems in children Years later, the baby toothless smile will change and shine its teeth in two rows. It is very important to teach the child to take care of the oral cavity as early as possible, even before all teeth are cut. Caries can also manifest herself in a small child... Читать далее →
Treatment of inflammation and bleeding of gums Gum disease & # 40; or periodontal disease & # 41; is a serious lesion that destroys the gums around the teeth as well as the bone that supports them. This disease proceeds in several stages. It usually starts with gingivitis... Читать далее →
Modern dental treatments Dental methods of treatment are actively developing, new methods and methods appear every year, equipment is improved, new dental practices are introduced into everyday dental practice Читать далее →
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