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US Dental Care are delighted to offer a membership programme that you can pass onto your employees at no expense to your company.

50% of our patients are expatriates and so we are experienced in taking care of both your Russian and international employees.

We can provide your managers and their families with a membership card which will enable them to receive a discount each time they visit the clinic.
For their first appointment, they will receive 15% discount and subsequent visits will be 5% (excluding orthodontics and implantology).

It is obviously important that your employees stay fit and healthy whilst in Russia and this includes good oral health. US Dental Care offers American-trained, English speaking dentists. We are open 7 days at week and up to 8 p.m. during the week and 6 p.m. at weekends giving your employees flexibility to see their dentist at a time that suits them.

We have agreements with most Russian and Worldwide insurance companies to either settle the invoice by Direct Billing or Pay-and-Claim, making easier access to Moscow’s most established international clinic.

Our Corporate Membership programme really is a win-win situation! Your employees will be a patient of US Dental and will receive a significant discount and Human Resources can offer an additional benefit to a new employee at no charge to their company. We do not insist on exclusivity and so your employees still have the option to choose where to have their treatment.

Most of Moscow’s international and multinational companies as well as Embassies are already included in our programme.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our clinic, show you around and offer you a complimentary cleaning, so you can be confident that you are recommending the best option for your employees.

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