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Due to improved dental hygiene and the use of fluoride, there is a reduction in tooth decay found in our patients. However, teeth are still susceptible to decay, infection and breakage and need to be restored.

US Dental use all the modern technology to ensure we can restore your teeth to their normal function and appearance.

Reasons for Onlay / Inlay Restorations

Replace missing teeth

Repair damaged teeth

Relieve dental pain

Fill in spaces between the teeth

Improve an improper bite

Prevent the loss of a tooth

Restore function of tooth (eating & chewing)

What are Onlay / Inlay Restorations?

It is a custom made filling of composite material, tooth coloured porcelain or gold.
They are known as partial crowns. The main benefit in comparison with crowns is that less of the tooth is removed when preparing for the onlay.

The only difference between onlays and inlays is that at least one of the chewing cusps has been affected too and needs to be repaired.

What happens when you have an Onlay / Inlay Restorations?

An onlay/ inlay restoration will normally take two visits to US Dental.
Your first visit will involve taking impressions so the laboratory can make an accurate restoration.
Whilst your tooth is numb, any decay will be removed and your dentist will clean the area and carefully shape it ready for the onlay / inlay restoration. A temporary filling will protect the tooth until your next appointment.

At your second visit your onlay / inlay will be cemented in place. Your doctor will check your bite is comfortable.

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