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Topic of the Quarter: New Implant Technology

US Dental Care was one of the first truly Western dental clinics to open in Moscow, offering fully comprehensive dental care by Board qualified, professional dentists and hygienists. Since 1994 the clinic has benefited from the experience and expertise of its team of resident and visiting dentists, hygienists and specialists. Dr Alla Anastos, our Dental Director, is one of the most educated dentists and leading implantologists in Moscow.

In order to improve our implantology service for our patients, we are using a new digital technology from Sweden, NobelGuideTM; a complete treatment concept for implant surgery. This is a less invasive procedure for the patient and ensures a safer and more predictable treatment and healing time.

Using NobelGuideTM Dr Anastos can plan the optimal position to secure the implant location according to the patient’s 3D radiograph anatomy. The quantity and quality of bone at the selected site, as well as biomechanical, functional and esthetic demands, are fully integrated into the process.

While the complete 3D setting is displayed on the left-hand panel of the planning screen, a cross section is shown on the right-hand side, enabling a detailed inspection of the case without losing the anatomical overview. Anatomical structures such as nerves, blood vessels and dental roots can be identified and marked with the help of several views allowing a detailed diagnose of the patient.

Once a plan is approved, a surgical template is designed for the patient. During surgery, the guide sleeves contain all the planning information needed to execute a safe surgery, guiding the drilling and implant placement. The system provides better results even in more complex surgeries.

Please make an appointment with Dr Anastos or visit www.nobelbiocare.com for more information.

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