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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are specialists with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck injuries and conditions.

Your Dental Surgeon will have expertise in the following areas:

TOOTH EXTRACTION — Removal of a tooth.

WISDOM TEETH — Where there is no space for wisdom teeth to erupt and function, they will be removed.

IMPLANTS — Roots and teeth surgically placed into jawbone to replace missing teeth.

BONE GRAFTING — For damaged jaw bones, bone grafting may be required so restoration can go ahead.

SINUS AUGMENTATION — For formation of new bone fabric in case it's lost because of a trauma or periodontosis. 

APICOECTOMY — removal of an apex top or root tip with the subsequent filling of the root channel for its sealing and prevention of an infection distribution.

CYSTECTOMY — A cystectomy is the complete surgical removal of a small cyst with subsequent wound

TMJ   (TEMPRO-MANDIBULAR JOINT DISFUNCTION) — Tempro-mandibular Joint disfunction can be misalignment of teeth or ‘bad bite’.

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