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Charitable Clean Smiles, The Moscow News , 31.07.2008

Kitezh Children's Community letter extract: "We would like to thank you one more time for your help, hospitality and professionalism. We are fulfilling the recommendations we got already. The sand timers and brush holders are in each house now. Our children remember our visit well."

Moscow's U.S. Dental Care is known for its charity work. This dental clinic hosted free check-ups for various Moscow schools and kindergartens two years ago, and last year the clinic decided to renew this practice. Now, U.S. Dental Care will go one step further and start a prospective support program for Kitezh Children's Community, located outside of Moscow.

Kitezh is a network of therapeutic communities that give children from orphanages loving foster families, creating a developing environment for the education and care of orphans and children in crisis.

U.S. Dental Care will host an afternoon of check-ups and cleanings for the children's community at their clinic in August. Dr. Alla Anastos, Dental Director at U.S. Dental Care, and the other members of the U.S. Dental Care team strongly believe in promoting the value of good dental health to everyone. The professional, Board-certified dentists and hygienists at the clinic will perform full check-ups and cleanings, providing treatment for existing problems and preventative care as necessary.

Harriet Kalinin, of the clinic's PR & Marketing Department, told The Moscow News that such check-ups are not a one-time deal: "Children will be brought in every six months for repeat visits. It is vital for growing children to have their teeth checked regularly."

By Katya Vinogradova

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