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Welcome to US Dental Care

Daniel's presence (assistant to Dr.Anastos) is very much appreciated during and after appointments because he can «read» people very well and knows how to offer support in small but important ways. From kindly taking care of my glasses to gently helping me walk afterwards when I felt wobbly after the procedure, I felt well cared for as a person, not just as a dental case. This, combined with Dr. Anastos' marked expertise and the welcoming bi-lingual office setting, makes US Dental the place to be treated in Moscow.

Thank you,

Valerie Navarro

from the Anglo-American School of Moscow

‘Definitely recommend — they are fast, professional, focused and organised and so we don’t have to spend time hanging around there’
Marianela Masroua

‘The doctor was friendly and gentle!
He did his best to explain to me and my daughter (in the way acceptable for her) what he was doing, talked kindly to my daughter to help her to not be afraid. My daughter says that the Doctor was very nice and she will not be scared of coming next time. ’
Lucie Charvatova

As a family we've been treated in US Dental for about 12 years or so. I know all the doctors personally and have very high opinion about there professional qualities.
We've never had bad experience and visits to the clinic are always easy and
pleasant. We relocated to London recently and I can not find anything as good as your clinic. We will miss you,
Lada Muir

‘My family has been a patient of US Dental Care clinic for 6 years now. We have experienced a lot of different procedures — from check ups, orthodontal work, fillings, root canal treatment, teeth whitening and (just yesterday) a wisdom tooth extraction.
On every occasion we have found the doctors to be gentle, kind and professional. Our doctor always clearly explains what needs to be done and I feel comfortable asking him questions.
It is great that my 3 children have a positive view of visiting the dentist and I know, that after the care they have received at US Dental, they will grow up with strong and healthy teeth.'
Sarah Carton

I have been a patient at US Dental for more than ten years. This is the first clinic I have been to where it is a pleasure to receive treatment and I don’t want to go anywhere else!
Evgeny Lapoushkin

My family has been treated in the clinic for more than 12 years. My children see the orthodontist regularly. It is an excellent clinic and is certainly of a high American Standard. We feel at home there — which is a strange thing to say about a dental clinic! We bring our children to the clinic — that is proof how happy we are with the doctors!
Irina Kim

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